Search Engine Optimisation, Manchester

Search Engine Optimisation (also known as SEO) is the process of improving the amount of traffic a website or web page (such as a blog) receives from search engines via "natural" (un-paid / "organic") search results as opposed to other forms of search engine marketing which may involve paying for inclusion in search results.

Major Search Engines such as Google, Bing (msn), Yahoo, ExactSeek etc filter their results down to other search engines like AOL Search, AllTheWeb & Dogpile...

Many people are under the misconception: "build it and they will come" - with website's this simply is not the case... Loads of 'self proclaimed' website designers may be able to build a website, yes, but when it comes to the really important backend & marketing work (search engine optimisation / targeted keyword density) the sites they build lack in one major factor: visitors.

Unfortunantly due to other commitments I am no longer offering search engine optimisation to new clients.