Promotional Design Portfolio

The ULTIMATE Weekend Collection (CD)

This CD was compiled with many up beat tracks to 'get the weekend started' - as this phrase is used quite often we decided to go with 'the hottest tracks to help forget about work'. The background image is of a man in a suite with a noose as a tie.

Total Six Pack Abs 2 - The Furnace! (ebook)

Yet again the 'Muscle Hacker' Mark McManus has written another informative tutorial ebook on how to get the 'six pack' you want & deserve. Visit his website:

Arms Blast Experiment Revealed (ebook)

After the success of the 'Total Anabolism 3.0' ebook cover Mark McManus from contacted me once again to design a cover for his latest ebook 'The Arms Blast Experiment Revealed'.

Total Anabolism 3.0 (ebook)

This ebook is another get fit / bodybuilding tutorial / manual by Mark McManus from, he contacted me to re-design the cover as he was updating his popular 'total anabolism' workout ebook.